Monday, 2 March 2015

Angel of Death by Ben Cheetham - a review

An enjoyable (if that's the right word*) thriller. In Middlesbrough a heroin addicted prostitute shoots a man dead, in Sheffield a man shoots his family and burns down the house - two different crimes but what links them?

As crime novels go this was at the good end of the scale. It had a lot of the 'usual' - cop at the back end of his career, doesn't get on with his superior etc but there was also enough freshness to keep things interesting. The 'bad guys' were truly vile and the character of Angel was written well, making her 'kind of likeable' for a killer.

I think what impressed me most was the tying up of loose ends at the end. Without giving too much away most got what they deserved (apart from one, which I wasn't expecting) and the final, final twist, I will admit, caught me out. Jim Monahan is certainly an old time copper with a few tricks up his sleeve.

I had a few niggles with the story but nothing that I would bother you with, just a Sheffield lad reading a book set in Sheffield.

This is the second in the Steel City Thrillers series. There is a third, Justice For The Damned, due out this week. I intend reviewing each one on this site at some point.


* I wasn't sure if you could really describe a book as dark, gritty and at times disturbing as Angel of Death as 'enjoyable' but I enjoyed the read so I have (My Blog, My Rules ;-D)

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