Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Song of the Shaman by Robert Franks (a review)

This book is the third in the Glass Apple series and takes place a bout 18 months after book 2.

Anna is still missing in time and Jason, Kylie and Jason's friend the librarian Ant travel back to early America, hoping to find her (although Ant doesn't really want to).

Gobswhistle and Etain remain in the here and now with another new character, the American Emma who is missing her husband and son.

For me, the sections with Gobswhistle et al were the highlight of this book as they seemed to be followed by carnage, chaos, destruction and general mayhem but in a mostly comical way.

The threat of The Medb is still there and there is a nice twist at the end that sets both story strands up nicely for book four, and for me book four cannot come soon enough.

An excellent addition to an excellent series. If you haven't dipped into the world of The Glass Apple yet I can highly recommend it.

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