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The Good, The Bad And The History - Jodi Taylor



St Mary's is under investigation. Their director has been shot and Max is Number One Suspect. Can things get any worse? We all know the answer to that one.

Max needs to get away - fast - and a Brilliant Idea soon leads her to a full-scale uprising in twentieth-century China. If she can come by a historical treasure or two in the process, even better. That is, if she makes it out alive.

Then there's the small matter of Insight - the sinister organisation from the future hell bent on changing History for their own dark ends. Having successfully infiltrated their ranks, Max is perfectly placed to stop them. But she knows her cover will soon be blown - because it's already happened.

Can Max take down Insight before they come after her? The circle is closing, and only one can survive...


The Good, The Bad And The History is 14th book in the St Mary's series so the fact I requested to be on the review tour should be enough to tell you I'm a massive fan of Jodi Taylor's series . . . but just to make sure . . . I LOVE THESE BOOKS!! 

There, that's that out of the way.

Right then, down to business. The Good, The Bad And The History (henceforth, if needs be known as 14) picks up exactly where 13, A Catalogue of Catastrophe finished up (so don't come into this as your first look at this series - seriously, it's book 14, who'd do that) and the police are wanting to interview Max about 'events' - and this scene was one of the funniest things I have read in a good long while - but it isn't long before our intrepid heroes are off travelling up and down the timeline with chaos and mayhem never far away. And this time we have the future to visit as well as the past. 

What has always been a highpoint with this series, for me at least, is that with the jaunts to various historical events that happen in all the books I feel that while I am laughing along with Max and co or wondering how they will get out of this scrape and how will things get worse I also feel like I am learning. I loved history at school and never really stopped so these books are right in my wheelhouse. The main history jaunt this time is The Boxer Rebellion and although I had heard of it I didn't really know anything about it, but now I do (and as proof of that, there was a question in a quiz yesterday about The Boxer Rebellion and I was able to answer with confidence. Yay me!)

So, in short, adventure, mayhem and chaos through time - basically if you are a reader of the Chronicles of St Marys you know what you are going to be getting and you won't be disappointed. And if you are new to the series start at book one and welcome to the ride - oh, my friends, how I envy you.

As I said before, I requested a spot on this tour and the publishers, Headline, were kind enough to send me an early copy for review purposes. I can promise you this in no way affected my review or influenced my opinions in any way whatsoever.

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