Monday, 12 June 2023

The Four Horsemen - Rupert Stanbury



The Four Horsemen is the second book in the Gods Galore series about the Olympian Gods in the 21st Century AD.

The gods are still trying to control what we humans are up to. Unfortunately, they’re not being particularly successful. The world is experiencing both plague and famine which Zeus and the Gods’ Council never approved. What’s going on?

Athene’s determined to find out, but before she can get going the God of War initiates an attack on Poseidon’s realm. It’s now all out conflict and the gods are taking sides – one side, in particular.

Wherever there’s a fight, Hebe’s involved. She soon signs up to an army regiment which is full of soldiers even smaller than she is. But war these days involves brains and not just brawn and there’s plenty of both ready to be deployed in this fight!


As has been stated above this is the second in a series (and hopefully not the last) featuring Roman and Greek Gods, Goddesses and all things in-between but living in the modern world. With all manner of plotting, scheming and general shenanigans it could have been a more tangled read but thankfully it all flowed well (and I laughed . . . . I laughed a lot🤣).

I've had a love of all things mythology from a very young age (one of the first books I remember buying for myself was 'Gods, Demigods and Demons' from the school book club when I was probably about 7, so nearly 50 years ago 😮) and feel I have a good idea of what to expect from the characters and, to be fair, Stanbury gets them all more or less nailed on. By which I mean nobody, in my opinion, has a drastic character change. 

There is plague, famine and war on Earth and somehow the Gods and Goddesses and sundry others need to get to the bottom of why, who's behind it and how can they put things right. It's gonna be a big job but surely their immortal selves shouldn't have a problem . . . well, I'm not gonna tell you that now, am I? SPOILERS!!!😉

It's nice too that it's mainly the female characters that do most of the heavy lifting in this story.

So, plenty of humour and great storytelling this is a good book and highly recommended (although you should probably read book 1 'Gods Galore' first just to get the general gist).

And if you need another reason to consider this book the author has chosen to donate all profits from the sale of 'The Four Horsemen' to help the people of Ukraine.

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