Monday, 13 March 2023

The Purgatory Poisoning - Rebecca Rogers


How do you solve your own murder when you’re already dead?

Purgatory (noun):

1. Where the dead are sent to atone.

2. A place of suffering or torment.

3. A youth hostel where the occupants play Scrabble and the mattresses are paper thin.

When Dave wakes up in his own personal purgatory (St Ives Youth Hostel circa 1992), he’s shocked to discover he’s dead. And worse – he was murdered.

Heaven doesn’t know who did it so with the help of two rogue angels, Dave must uncover the truth.

As divine forces from both sides start to play the game, can Dave get out of this alive? Or at the very least, with his soul intact?

Dave is dead! And that's just the start of events for him. Waking up in a youth hostel he feels he has been here before and he has - well, sort of. It's St Ives in 1992 and this is his version of purgatory, the place you wait in between Heaven and Hell to see where you will spend Eternity.

You see, St Ives 1992 was where, on a family holiday Dave did 'the thing' and that thing set the path for everything else that happened in his life. All he has to do now is make some atonements for what he did and then solve the mystery of his own murder. 

The story follows Dave's life up to Murder Day as he and his two angel assistants investigate but even with their angelic powers there are still problems as some of the people in his life are 'blocked' so they cannot be seen or 'read'. It's a whodunnit right up to the end - and a bloomin' good laugh too.

I will say I thoroughly enjoyed this read and will be looking out for more by this author in the future

5/5* Highly Recommended 

Many thanks to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for inviting me onto this blog tour and arranging a review copy for me (all opinions are my own).

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