Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Emergence -Guy Portman



"There’s no stopping this young sociopath.

Teenager Horatio hates his mother’s boyfriend, and there is nothing his long-suffering single mum or half-sister can do about it. The tension soon boils over into school when he attacks the class bully.

While suspended, Horatio has plenty of time to plot revenge against the man he holds responsible for all his problems. It won’t take the adventurous adolescent long to stumble across a depraved and degrading solution.

Now all he needs to do is keep deceiving the psychiatrist and wait for an opportunity to strike."


Who would have guessed that getting inside the head of a sociopathic serial killer could be so much fun. Emergence is the 4th in a series but is also a good starting point in itself as the story follows Horatio, the son of the lead in the previous books. I myself haven't read those 3 (a situation that will soon be remedied) but it seems very much a case of like father, like son and the apple not falling far from the tree.

At 178 pages it is a quickish read but seeing as we follow Horatio from being a beginner in the murder business to see him honing his craft to become a cool, collected killer who plans meticulously there's a heck of a lot packed into this book.

So yeah, I really enjoyed spending time with Horatio, just wouldn't want to get on his bad side.


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