Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Dark Dweller - Gareth Worthington


"Captain Kara Psomas was pronounced dead when her research vessel slammed into Jupiter.

More than a century later, the crew of the 
Paralus, a helium mining freighter, find a pristine escape pod with a healthy young girl nestled inside. A girl who claims to be Kara—and she brings a message of doom.

She says she has been waiting in the dark for that exact moment. To be found by that particular crew. Because an ancient cosmic being has tasked her with a sacred responsibility. She claims she must alter 
the Fulcrum, a lever in time—no matter the cost to the people aboard—or condemn the rest of civilization to a very painful and drawn-out demise.

She sounds convincing. She appears brave. She might well be insane."


                              My Thoughts 

This is how I like my Sci-Fi, tense, puzzling at times but not dependent on the reader having 3 science degrees to understand it. The story revolves around the Paralus and it's crew who are mining Jupiter's helium to send back to Earth where it is needed. As you would expect with them being all cosied up together a long, long way from home things get a bit fraught and niggly on board (which, let's be honest, is what we readers want).

 There is a problem when they arrive though, Jupiter isn't quite where it should be. Once adjustments are made, panic over etc the crew discover what looks to be an escape pod . . .

A bright, shiny new looking escape pod, containing a 15 year old girl who claims to be a ship's captain that died over 100 years ago when her ship crashed into Jupiter. She has a mission and needs the crew of the Paralax to help her fulfill it.

Obviously there is a lot of is she/isn't she and, I'll be honest, I was in both camps at various points in the narrative. She is, apparently, the only person who can alter time and thus save civilisation. But is the 'ancient cosmic being' who set her on this mission to be trusted or is it working to nefarious ends?.

I really enjoyed this novel, it was just the right length to keep me interested and not overdoing it on the science. The Paralax crew were your typical spacer types often seeming to have their own agendas and leaving me wondering what they may be up to (that's the thing with cooped up crews - I always think somebody must be up to something even when they are not).

I've never read Gareth Worthington before but will be looking into his back catalogue for sure - this guy really knows how to tell a tale.


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