Tuesday, 21 February 2023

First Date: An Odyssey Earth short story - Rex Burke


Last week I got an email request from Rex Burke telling me about his upcoming book series Odyssey Earth (all coming out this year) and asking if I would be interested in reading and possibly reviewing the first in the series. As a taster he sent me this prequel short story and, my friends, it does just the right thing. 

 The general gist of the story is that space pilot Juno is recruited for a one way mission, flying an Ark ship to a new planet and this covers the training and prep period but is mostly Juno's bonding with Omnio, the ship's onboard computer system - the most powerful AI ever built (AI without the A).

Omnio is sentient to the point they have conversations about the mission and the future. There is a lot of humour here (think Red Dwarf with a side order of Hitchhiker's) and a good story that made me want to get straight on with the series.

Odyssey Earth is one you will want to keep an eye out for, trust me.

Very Highly Recommended 6/5*

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Really kind words, I'm so glad you liked it