Thursday, 17 March 2022

The Kaiju Preservation Society - John Scalzi

 Oh, this was so much fun. Imagine getting a job where you get to go to a parallel earth and study/protect humongous Godzilla and almost Cthulu type creatures. That's what happens when lead character (Jamie) gets screwed over at work and ends up as a deliveroo type bicycle food delivery operative. While making one of his deliveries he meets an old acquaintance who offers him the chance of better employment.

 And that's where the fun begins - and trust me, this novel is a whole heap of fun.

 The job involves a portal jump to an alternate earth where these giant creatures live. Jamie and his new friends and co-workers are the titular Kaiju Preservation Society and the job basically describes itself. 

 Now, this kind of story needs a big bad out to spoil everything and use the Kaiju for their own personal gain and, to be fair, they are kinda signposted from the get-go but, you know what? I don't care 😉.

 I don't care, because this isn't some deep morality tale, it's a fun read with an alternate earth and 




 The banter between the leads made me chuckle at times and the whole pitch of the thing was just right.

 I haven't read much Scalzi before but I will be raiding his back catalogue with a vengeance.

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