Friday, 22 January 2021

One Chance by Terroll Lewis


Well, this was a tough read but at the same time a rewarding one too. Lewis was, as you can guess from the title, pretty deep in London's Gangland culture but after time in prison accused of murder (not guilty) he decided to turn his life around and this is his story. 

The gang sections are not pleasant reads, but they aren't supposed to be. What they do achieve is a kind of understanding of why so many young men follow that lifestyle whether through choice or chance. 

After his time inside Terroll sets up the Brixton Street Gym and The Block Workout Foundation, helping people from all walks of life improve their fitness and well being. The difference between the two aspects of Terroll Lewis makes for an interesting read although not always a comfortable one. It's worth a read though as this young man's inspirational journey of hope is a story that needs to be heard. 

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