Thursday, 17 September 2020

The Trouble With Peace by Joe Abercrombie



 Welcome to my spot on the Blogtour for Joe Abercrombie's latest. I'll start by saying that, due to late arrival of the book (this troublesome time means the postal service is stretched to say the least) I haven't quite reached the end so my review is on what I have read so far.

  War is a nasty business but what happens when the fighting stops? That is exactly the situation we have here. The fighting is over (for now) but in this lull the battles of the general people come to the fore. Businesses will rise and fall, people will rise to the top and sink to the bottom while some struggle just to stay where they are. . . and the war is still on the horizon.

 What has really impressed me with Abercrombie's latest series is the way the world has moved on to an industrial phase. No more Middle Ages here (well, not much). As someone who spent a lot of his career on the industrial shop floor I can vouch for the realistic feel of the factories, the unions and the workers. It would be no stretch to say a lot of the characters in this industrial landscape wouldn't be out of place in a Dickens novel.

 And, as I said, war is still on the horizon so I'd better get back to the book. A full and updated review will be posted when I'm done. 

 Thanks to Patricia Deveer for inviting me onto this tour. Please try and find time to look at some of the reviews by the excellent bloggers on the tour. 


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