Saturday, 12 September 2020

Orfeia by Joanne M Harris


Welcome to my spot on the Blogtour for the new novella from Joanne M Harris's new novella 'Orfeia' 

I want to start by saying what an absolutely glorious book this is, even before reading it. It's just a lovely looking and feeling thing, a real pleasure to own. 

Anyhoo, to the story - Fay Orr is grieving after the death (suicide) of her daughter and the fact that she wasn't there to help her. Fay is basically going through the motions in her life and it seems the only time she feels alive is when she is 'night running'. On one of these runs she chats ends up chatting to a bunch of homeless people who may be more than they seem. They show Fay an 'alternate' London, London Beyond, (I'll admit, l'm a sucker for Other London) and while she thinks she sees Daisy. 

Is there a way to bring Daisy back to life, back to the real world? You'll just have to read and see for yourself, I'm not going to spoil it for you. 

The writing here is wonderful and the artwork too. A book that will touch your soul 5/5*

Thanks to Anne Cater, as always, for inviting me onto this tour, to Gollancz for providing the review copy and please, if you can, have a read of the reviews by the other bloggers on the tour

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