Friday, 6 March 2020

The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Hood

Welcome to Day 11 on the Blogtour for Joshua Hood's dip into the Jason Bourne universe (henceforth to be known as the Bourneverse).

So, short form round up - Our hero Adam Hayes is an ex Treadstone operative who got out when it robbed him of any chance at a normal life. Soon after he recieves an email from an ex-colleague Hayes is attacked by a 'team' at his place of work and must retrieve all his old skills to find out who and why. He may be 'out' of Treadstone but is anyone ever 'out out)?

So, no Jason Bourne here but a new character instead (although cut from much of the same cloth). No amnesia for Hayes and enough of a different personality to be seen as not just a JB/Matt Damon clone. As you would expect from The Bourneverse this is a rapid paced, cat and mouse type tale that often leaves you guessing as to what/where next and is guaranteed to keep the pages turning with the speed of a CIA trained operative.

I was slightly unsure coming into this novel as I am a big Bourne fan but it's safe to say The Bourneverse is in safe hands with Joshua Hood and, who knows, maybe another Movie Franchise could be possible.

7/10* Recommended

Thanks to Anna Zanetti at Midas pr for inviting me onto this tour and arranging the review copy and please, as always, try and find time to look at the blog posts by the other reviewers on the tour.

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