Tuesday, 31 March 2020

BlogCave of Solitude - Day 2 (Into The Binge)

Well, here we are in Day 2 of many. Been looking through box sets I own today, see what I'm going to binge watch (between reading, chores and a probably rather pathetic attempt at yoga).

Will it be a Buffy rewatch, a Warehouse 13 rewatch or yet another attempt to get through Firefly? I've also got 5 more seasons of Game of Thrones but that one's for the evenings and slowly catching up with Elementary (recorded from Pick on Freeview (but more on that later).

Then I remembered an online conversation in a Facebook group yesterday on the subject of tv series that finished too soon. My offering for this was The Fantastic Journey, a short lived (10 eps I think) from 1977. This series used to be on Saturday nights and 10 year old Andy loved it.

The premise was something to do with some scientist types who ended up going through the Bermuda Triangle and spent each episode in different 'worlds' trying to find their way home. It aired on repeat 1 summer holiday around 1980 but that's the last I ever saw of it. UNTIL TODAY!!!

As I was looking for some easy yoga on YouTube I started to wonder, would it be on here? It was and now my first binge watch is sorted. It'll probably look awful now  but I don't care.  Forty or so years of waiting and I'm finally going back through the Triangle (cue Barry Manilow earworm 😂)

Earlier I mentioned Elementary, the modern take on Sherlock Holmes set in NYC, and my personal favourite version of Holmes and Watson. This leads me to the idea for my next BlogCave of Solitude post idea - The Great Detective himself in all various forms (may have to be string of posts actually)

And as for yesterday's book, Fifty Fifty - started it last night and it's looking at least as good as Thirteen.

Stay Safe and see you next time

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