Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Where The Dead Fall by M J Lee

Where The Dead Fall is the second to feature Thomas Ridpath, a Manchester copper on secondment to the Coroner's Office.

When a man is killed running across the M60, right in front of Ridpath it seems a restart to the Gang War of 1990's Manchester is on the cards. But is it the Gang leaders behind everything or is someone playing them?

I really wanted to like this book but, having finished it this morning it's fair to say I'm disappointed. The story itself, to be fair, started off ok but there were points later on that really let things down


So, as the victim is killed on the motorway Ridpath spots someone carrying a gun at the side of the road. No one else sees him but Ridpath provides a photo-fit picture. As cases intertwine Ridpath finds that a dead body he is looking into looks uncannily like the man he saw at the side of the M60. Others agree but it takes too long for someone to state the obvious - maybe they could be...related­čś▒

And then, what really let things down for me, how the hell can a major gang leader adopt a child who just happens to be the daughter of another gang leader, one he had murdered and not know who she is? I know it's only a story and you have to stretch things but this was quite ridiculous.

The story finishes with our 'hero' in hospital and his wife asking him to choose between his family and his career. It won't happen but I really hope he chooses family

A disappointing 2/5*

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