Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The Hunter by Andrew Reid

 Welcome to Day 2 of the Blog Tour for Andrew Reid's High Octane Thriller The Hunter.

As a general rule I usually enjoy this type of thriller but, of late I've found them to be a bit 'samey' - problem needs solving, along comes ex marine/special forces/super soldier to save the day and skunk off into the night after overcoming insurmountable odds. I enjoy them but am always hoping for that little 'thing' that might just make it stand out from the rest...They seldom do.

So, to the press release blurb that came with the book...

A missing troubled genius ✔
A disillusioned cop✔
Ruthless mercenaries ✔
A billion-dollar business that wants the world in its grip✔
A champion fighter. Betrayed and searching for the truth. ✔


Ok, so far it seemed promising, time to open the book and see what the latest Jack Reacher clone was getting up to...

Well, was I in for a surprise. I never really thought about the hero, just read the name, made my conclusions and...was thrown a huge curveball. It turns out that this was the 'something different' I'd been looking for. As it turns out our hero, Cameron King...



I honestly never saw that coming. And what a hero she is too. She can kick ass with the best, is a full on action, no-holds-barred, pedal to the metal character who drags you right into the story and doesn't let go.

As for the story itself, well you get the drift from the blurb so I'll not dwell on that but I will say it is a powerhouse of a tale. The action kicks off more or less from the off and doesn't relent as the (cliché alert) pages fly by.

I got through this in two days (and a couple of late nights) then went back to it a couple of weeks later and took my time - both reads were extremely satisfying.

Andrew Reid is very good at what he does and that this is his debut thriller is quite a remarkable achievement. I will be eagerly awaiting further books by this author.

 Also I rather hope someone will pick this up to turn it into a movie, it deserves it

Thank you to Anne Cater for supplying the copy for review and, as always, I ask, if you get the time, that you look at the posts by the other bloggers on this tour

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