Sunday, 11 February 2018

Paris Adrift by E J Swift

Running away to Paris Hallie finds herself working at Millie's Bar. While there she discovers an 'anomaly' in the Keg Room that leads her to different times in past and future Paris where she will face her challenges and maybe save the world.

I'll be honest, the first thing that drew me to this book was the cover art, a gorgeous piece that is worth owning the book for in itself. Finding it was a novel of Time-Travel? Extra bonus. And so I started reading...

And found a story so absorbing and beautifully written it did the artwork proud. There is some good SF style weirdness here (the talking bird being a good example) but it did, for the most part, feel more like The Time Traveller's Wife, more likely to be found in the General Fiction section than in Genre. But if that means more people get to read it then I guess that's fine with me.

The different jaunts into the Paris timeline each came across as a mini adventure in a way and all felt 'real' but I was always glad to get back to 'Paris Now' just because I loved Millie's Bar, it's staff and the whole life there was there.

I can gladly say Paris Adrift has quickly become one of my favourite books of recent years and I thank Rebellion Publishing for both providing me with a review copy and inviting me to be part of the Blog Tour. Please take time to visit the other posts on the Tour

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