Thursday, 17 March 2016

Ghost Love by Nelli Rees - A Review

This was certainly an interesting read. Told in 2 timelines - the present and the last days of the soviet union - it tells the story of Tonia and Peter and their forbidden love. The KGB won't allow it, Peter's family don't approve but they are determined to stay together until Peter disappears.

In the present Tonia is a recent divorcee. When strange things start to happen it becomes apparent that Peter may not have totally left her after all.

Where this book really worked for me was the sections in Russia. It portrays a time of fear and uncomfortableness that can only come from the fact that author lived through those times. The book is promoted as a supernatural romance but the supernatural element of it seemed to be less than the romance side of it. That is not a bad thing though, I actually enjoyed the romance side of things. The characters of Peter and Tonia were believable and the kind of people I was bothered about. Watching them develop was interesting and I certainly will be hoping to read more from Nelli Rees

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