Thursday, 8 January 2015

Continuum: The STAR WARS Phenomenon As Experienced From The Inside by Tim Dry (a review)

Tim Dry has led a varied career. He's been part of performance troupe SHOCK, one half of Tik and Tok (and if you don't know Tik and Tok do yourself a favour and look them up on your favourite video watching channel), he's been a mime and an actor. It's mainly the actor persona here but the music gets a look in too.

The book, as the title suggests, covers the time that Tim was given the chance to appear in the third STAR WARS film, Return of the Jedi and the years following when he was asked to attend conventions of all shapes and sizes.

It is, as you would expect, a very anecdotal book but the thing is, some people can tell anecdotal tales and some cannot. Fortunately Tim Dry can and does so really well. Reading this is very much like sitting in front of a roaring fire, with a comfy chair and a large brandy and just listening to funny story after funny story. Not all the conventions and collector gatherings are the most glamorous of settings but all have a story.

Throughout the book Tim Dry comes across as a bit of a cheeky chappy (my favourite story was the fart noise escapade in Kamen, Germany). The humour is schoolboy like in tone at times but for STAR WARS fans, Tim Dry (in his various guises) fans or just fans of a well told anecdote you won't go far wrong with this book. I will certainly be looking out for more from Mr. Dry in the future

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