Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stuck On You by Jasper Bark (a review)

This short novella starts with a bang (well two really) and doesn't really stop till the last page.

Here's the back story, Ricardo is travelling from Arizona to New Mexico to buy artisan gifts for his girlfriend to sell back home. Now, Ricardo is a bit of a ladies man so when he meets Consuela, a young Mexican who needs to get back over the border to America, there is only one way this is going to end. The rub here is that Consuela is smuggling something in her stomach that they have to get to the buyer.

On the journey they flirt until they have no option but to pull up and 'do the deed'. Unfortunately while they do they are struck by lightning, which kills Consuela and leaves Ricardo stuck inside her, as her muscles have contracted in death. Will Ricardo be able to survive long enough to be rescued (and how will he explain This to his girlfriend?). What was Consuela smuggling in her stomach?

This is both an erotic and disturbing little tale, but trust me, it's a bloody good read. Good horror isn't meant to be comfortable and Jasper Bark does a good job of making the reader as uncomfortable as possible.

4.5/5 stars

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