Monday, 9 September 2013

Go see a show

So, this weekend, my better half, Marie, and I headed down to London on a mini-break. We always try and see a show when down in the capital and this year we went for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..................and, boy, did we make an excellent choice.

The show was quality from start to end, actors, story, stagecraft all beyond wonderful. Believe me, we left the theatre with a smile and the knowledge that we had just seen something special.

It did make me realise though, and I'd not thought about this before, but I believe Charlie and the Chocolate factory may well have been the story that set me off on the path that leads to where my reading preferences are today. The world of Charlie Bucket is a place of wonders and magic and the characters are so larger than life it almost seems like an understatement.

The point I wanted to make today though is this - you can go and see all the multimillion dollar blockbusters at the cinema you wish but if you want a truly magical and entertaining evening, go to the theatre.

A theatre show is a one chance thing - the actor forgets his/her lines there is no retake, the scenery/effects are only as much as you can fit on the stage, but it is so much more than a movie experience. You almost feel as if you are a part of the show and you are certainly part of the experience.

So, take the chance - GO SEE A SHOW!!! (and hey, you'll be supporting the arts as well)

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