Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dream On by Terry Tyler (a review)

Dream On is the fourth novel from Terry Tyler and well up to her usual standard.

The story revolves around Dave Bentley, his partner Janice, son Harley and his Rock Band Thor. Dave has been thrown out by Janice but there are signs they may be getting back together (which they both want)......then Alison (now calling herself Ariel) Swan, Dave's first love turns up back on the scene!

The band, Ariel and her friend all enter a tv contest to find new talent (similar but different from the X-Factor) and there is also an appearance on the Jremy Kyle show which was highly entertaining. Throw in the early days of MySpace and Facebook and you have a winning combination.

Good characterisation, place settings that feel real and the promise of a sequel - all left me very happy indeed

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  1. Thanks so much for this, Andy - I'm delighted you enjoyed it! The plan for the sequel starts today! xx