Sunday, 22 July 2012

Review thoughts

I know I went through this back in March but I do feel it is worth going over again.

I recieved a tweet this morning asking if I charged for the reviews I do, so anyone wanting reviews - this one is for you.

I cannot and will not accept payment for the reviews I do. This just doesn't feel right to me. If someone says "I'd like to have you review my book and here's £xx" it would stop me from feeling like I have given an honest review. I would always be wondering if people thought the book was, for instance, a 3* book that had bought an extra *.

I review because I love reading - that's the bottom line. If I read a book and really enjoy it the review is just my way of saying "have a look at this.

Now, here's an idea - if you ask me to review for you and you like the review, go do something good. Next time you pass a charity box chuck a £/Euro/Dollar etc in or do something to help a literacy group in your area, something like that.

So, in short, No - I don't charge for book reviews (although if a publisher wanted to employ me as a reviewer, that's a different kettle of cupcakes!).

If you like what I do tell others - it really is a good feeling when you get a tweet or an email saying "You reviewed a book for person x and person x has reccommended you"

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