Sunday, 19 February 2012

Book Review - Banshee in the Well by Robin Lovejoy

What a wonderful way to start your career as a writer. This story tells of a young boy who finds a girl in the well on his farm. The girl turns out to be a 13th century banshee who needs to find a way to get her magic back and return from our time to hers. The relationship between the two main characters is really well written as is the way Sathra, the banshee sees modern things which she has obviously never seen before. The story has paintballers, treasure hunters and a rock band (with a Simon Cowell type character who is only in the background) and goes from scene to scene fluently.
I have worked with young people in a library enviroment so I feel confident enough to say they would lap this up but so would adults.
All said, this being a first novel is quite astounding. The author writes with a style and confidence that others can only wish for. I look forward to reading more from Robin Lovejoy and heartily reccomend this book

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  1. This review has an after taste of The Talisman, adding it to my to read list!