Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Caulbearer - Young Tierney by LeeJohn

This is a review I wrote for a book I read over the christmas/ new year period - 2012 is promising to be a really good year for reading.

The Caulbearer: Young Tierney is a promising first novel from an up and coming voice in the thriller genre.
The story focuses on the Caulbearer bloodline and the last of that bloodline - John Tierney! Tierney dreams and sees events before they happen. MI5 agent Roscoff has Tierney under surveillance but he is not the only one.
Others want to dispose of Tierney for their own reasons, and to top it all off there is a dark cult and murder aplenty.
The story is in the style of Dan Brown (but, in my opinion, better) with good character and a good sense of place. The pace of the novel keeps up right to the end, with just enough twists and red herrings along the way. And when I say "right up to the end" I do mean the very last full stop.
This novel would, in my opinion, make a good movie too.
LeeJohn - a definite name to watch. Be there at the beginning.

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