Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Another beltingly good book from Crystal Connor

This is my review for Artificial Light the second book in the Spectrum series :

With The Darkness author Crystal Connor introduced us to Atremisia, a woman of science and Inanna, a woman of powerful magic. With Artificial Light these characters are back but take more of a back seat to new (equally strong) characters who propel the story along to a stunning climax that sets everything up for what promises to be a rollercoaster final book in the series. The story strands cover magic, fantasy, science and police procedural and each part is believable and well written.
Not to give too much away, the science part involves the "transitioning" of memories at the point of death into newborns and the chapters that cover these children are some of the best and, at times, heart-wrenching scenes I have read - EVER!!
With The Darkness Crystal Connor was seen as a promising new arrival on the scene, with Artificial Light she becomes the real deal, a definite star of the future. (And she still writes better dog characters the Dean Koontz)

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